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Episode 5: AI Research for the Rest of Us

Episode 5: AI Research for the Rest of Us

Demystifying Cutting-Edge Innovations and Their Everyday Applications
Midjourney - Prompt: “Create an image that represents the ongoing research being done in the AI field, showing a diverse group of people reading and discussing these new findings, emphasizing ambition, understanding, excitement, and collaboration, abstract, minimalist --ar 16:9 --v 5”

In this episode, we explore recent AI research and its implications, from AutoGPT to AI playing The Sims. Join us as we discuss these fascinating developments and better understand the limitations these systems have today.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. AutoGPT: Architecting Out Language Models

  2. Research Papers as a Source of Insight

    • Gain a deeper understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations

    • Get inspired by innovative ideas in the AI research community

  3. Simulated Towns & Emergent Events in GPT

  4. AI and Small Business

    • How small businesses can benefit from incorporating AI into their operations

  5. AI Adversarial Attacks

Episode resources:

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Stable Discussion
Stable Discussion Podcast
Artificial Intelligence is changing our world and we help better understand what this means to all of us. We'll look at what's possible and where is the technology still not there yet.