What is Stable Discussion?

This publication shares expert and approachable insights about modern artificial intelligence. We post articles and discuss these exciting changes on our podcast. We aim to make our content approachable and fun while helping to spread ideas and share our perspectives.

Our hosts, Ben Hofferber and Abdella (Della) Ali are both experienced consultants and engineers focused on web and mobile customer experience. We've built services and websites for many Fortune 500 companies and have seen how difficult it can be to implement cutting-edge technical solutions in real-world environments. We use our experience to take a critical look at AI and how companies and people are looking to use it.

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Our Discord Community

We’ve recently launched a discord community for AI Enthusiasts. It’s a paid community requiring an application process. We’re looking to connect with others excited about building User Interfaces and Experiences using LLM Generation and other AI tools.

Please apply if you’re interested! Subbb.me/stablediscussion

Our Podcast

Our podcast is available on several platforms:

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